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The Best Setting Powder For An Everyday Matte Look | Makeup Review



The Best Setting Powder For An Everyday Matte Look | Makeup Review

The Best Setting Powder For An Everyday Matte Look | Makeup Review

As you might remember I started using Lush Cosmetics back in May 2016 and I was over the moon with their products.

Yet, a few things changed for me.

My skin became very oily and honestly, I cannot figure out why.

Lush’s brilliance setting powder is supposed to help combat oily skin for that matte look. Yet after trying several times with different product combinations, I couldn’t keep that matte look long enough throughout the day. 

I constantly had to keep re-applying the setting powder every few hours. And with it being a loose powder the re-applying process was not easy, especially when you’re out and about.

I cannot say enough how heart-broken I am, as I love Lush and truly believe in their makeup products. And it’s not them, it’s me, as I’m still trying to figure out a new skincare routine that will work with my skin.

So, unfortunately, I had to break up with some of Lush’s makeup products. Which led to searching for the best setting powder that would stay on most of the day.

And I found the most amazing one to-date.

I’ve replaced Lush’s translucent powder with the Becca Blotting Perfector Setting Powder. AND you guys, after wearing it for several hours, it’s still on! I can’t get over this.

Becca’s setting powder is a pressed powder that is easy to apply on the go.

If you’re curious about the differences in price points here you go:


If you have an oily-combo skin, then I definitely recommend you give this a try.

I’ve been so happy about this new find.

Especially, since I only have to reapply once to keep my makeup matte for the rest of the day.

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