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The Best Outfit Accessories For Winter!

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The Best Outfit Accessories For Winter!

Photo Credit: Brigitte Tohm

The Best Outfit Accessories For Winter!

Winter has the best holidays of the year with tons of festivities to dress up for.

And I simply love what the winter holiday spirit brings.

And staying stylish and comfortable is always important especially for those impromptu family photos. So let’s keep you stylish this winter with one simple accessory.

In my opinion, the best outfit accessories you can have this winter are scarves.

Not only will they keep you warm during the winter but they’re also perfect to dress up your outfits. It gives them a pop of color and texture, allowing you to look more put together.

Plus they come in many fabrics, colors, and widths to complement your fashion style.

My favorite style of scarves is the infinity and blanket styles. They are the chunkier styles making them the best options for a layered look; take a look at some of the ones below.

If you need a little advice about buying scarves, make sure that you love the patterns and colors, and don’t forget about these top 7 stylist shopping tips. It’ll make it so much easier when coordinating for one of your outfits.

Without further ado.

Here are 5 styling tips on how to style and wear your best outfit accessories this winter:

  1. Pair your pattern scarves with solid colors.
  2. Pair your solid scarves with patterned tops.
  3. Solid tops with solids scarves work great.
  4. Don’t pair patterned tops with pattern scarves, it creates too much of a distraction.
  5. Don’t forget they work lovely over anything, seriously! Throw them over a jacket, vests, sweaters, long or short sleeve tops, or even a dress.

Stay tuned for the next blog post as I teach you more about styling a classic-casual look.

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