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A Few Local Food Spots In San Francisco For Your Morning Stroll

SF Bay Bridge - San Francisco


A Few Local Food Spots In San Francisco For Your Morning Stroll

A Few Local Food Spots In San Francisco For Your Morning Stroll

Waking up in San Francisco to me, is like waking up on Christmas day getting ready to unwrap your gifts and knowing you have an entire city to play in!

San Francisco is a bustling city without a dull moment.

It acquaints you with amazing people, tons of local food spots and new places to always look forward to.

The city holds such a special place in my heart.

It’s where I met many of my amazing friends and became  well acquainted with all it’s charm and quirks.

Every time I go back and visit I tend to stop by my favorite local food spots that I dearly miss.

Here are a few of my go-to local food spots in the city:

  1. The Ferry Building – It simply lures you in with the fresh bread smell! I usually wander through vendor shops and pick up goodies for an afternoon snack, who can resist Miette. The ferry building has really good lunch spots like MarketBar or Gott’s that have patio seating for those lovely sunny days.
  2. Blue Bottle Coffee – This is my first stop in the mornings! It’s inside the ferry building right next to a lovely view of the bay bridge. It’s the best way to wrap up your morning walk by sipping on a latte.
  3. La Boulange – It’s one of my guilty pleasure of the city. I love pastries and they have, hands-down, the best almond croissants that I can eat for days.
  4. Mixt Greens – I cannot say enough great things about this place! I love being able to build my own salad or have their ‘Rooster’ sandwich for lunch.

What are your go to local food spots in the city?

Have you tried any of the ones I mentioned?

I’d love to hear from you!

Stay tuned as I share more local food spots.

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