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Myra is a cross-functional leader within the B2B marketing and advertising space, with experience managing multi-million-dollar campaigns for Fortune 500 clients.


Her hunger for knowledge and determination to turn information into action has contributed to her most recent success of receiving the ‘Hundred One’ award for exceeding quota and ‘AC of the Year’ award for all-around and vastly improved training and process improvement methods.


She has a business degree with a professional background in Marketing & Advertising, and Fashion Styling within Start-Ups and Publishers.


Myra is fueled by her passion for understanding marketing and staying in tune with the latest digital marketing strategies. If you need someone to make your vision flourish you need her to execute it.


She has a sunny disposition that people love, that fits right into her So Cal lifestyle.


I hope that whether we’re talking about travel, food or style you’ll find something useful on this site to spark your creativity.

Founder + Creative Director

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I’ve had a love for fashion for as long as I can remember. It started back when I was 6 and created my first raggedy doll; blue dress and all.


And food, has been a part of me since my earliest memory of watching my aunt cook and make homemade tortillas over a wood burning stove in Mexico. Which led me to want to learn how to cook and bake early on. Funny story; my dad was my guinea pig during my cooking lessons and he is such a good sport, always willing to try my crazy concoctions.


I’ve always been curious about different places and meeting new people, so traveling became like second nature and my love for photography grew through those travels.

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