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How To Choose The Best Pairs Of Shoes For Everyday Women


Its important to have the best pair of shoes.

A great pair of shoes will either make or break your outfit…making it feel like it’s missing something or looking like a hot mess. And no one wants that!

So you’re probably thinking, how do you choose the best pairs of shoes that will make your outfits look amazing?

That’s a great question. Start by looking through what you wear day-to-day. This will give you an idea of what types of shoes you’ll need.

For example, if you feel more comfortable in athleticwear, then make sure to have a great pair of sneakers that will make you look chic.

The best blogger that I know of that can pull-off athleticwear every time is, CrystalinMarie from, she looks flawless in athleticwear.

Now if you’re thinking about the rest of your social life, you’ll need to list out the types of events or activities that you go to the most (i.e. weddings, brunch, date nights, happy hour, beach volleyball, etc.). This way you can figure out which types of shoes you need to have.

For your most casual wear, make sure you have the chicest; sandals, booties and heels that will look amazing with any outfit.

Don’t forget that feeling good in what you’re wearing means being comfortable and not feeling the need to tuck or pull anything; just wearing things that feel like a second skin.

A few tips on what to look for in shoes:

  1. Always go for quality
  2. Make sure that they look amazing and can stand on their own.
  3. Tips on Color: Neutral colors; navy, black, blush pink and beige can be coordinated with most outfits.

Take a look at these amazing pairs of shoes (below) that can make a statement on their own.

I’ve found a few pinterest inspired outfits that give you a visual on how shoes can make an outfit look pulled together.

I hope these tips help you and if you have any questions, let me know in the comments.

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Photo Credit: Pete Bellis

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