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Barcelona Days Worth Remembering | Traveling Abroad

Barcelona - Macchina Pasta-Pomodoro


Barcelona Days Worth Remembering | Traveling Abroad

Barcelona Days Worth Remembering | Traveling Abroad

Oh, Barcelona…I could literally stay for the tapas.

I’m so in love with the tapas size plates because I can eat a little bit of everything and not have to pick one big meal.

I loved tasting a little bit of everything and knowing that Barcelona had so many places to choose from was amazing. I could literally walk for miles and not get bored. It was the gem I needed at the end of this trip.

Stumbling onto the beer and wine festival in the middle of a street with music, food vendors and local eateries surrounding it, was simply amazing. Even mingling with the locals was such a nice experience.

It was hard to wind down at night with so many things to do. Best of all, we had a bar next to our Airbnb and they had the best Kiwi Mojitos I’ve ever tasted.

There was tons of tapas and I’m not going to lie I ate everything and I mean everything. I had no regrets because I truly loved the food and I just wanted to keep eating. Those tiny plates do not fill you up and the major FOMO I had kept me eating until I was full.

We also ate at this Argentinian steakhouse that had the most incredible salsa ever!! The bread that came with it was just to die for and we had to order seconds. There was one moment I’ll never forget and it was after I ordered my shrimp and steak. The waiter walked out with my food and I was hoping it wasn’t for me because it was massive, I mean look at it, pic below. I could not stop laughing, it’s these unexpected things that keep my life so interesting.

Did I mention the Sangria? It was the best but it did not make me forget about the lovely cappuccinos. I seriously have no idea what it was in them but I became a little addicted to the cappuccinos in Barcelona.

Some of the amazing things that we ate were:

Patatas bravas





We also found an amazing pasta place called Macchina Pasta. I loved it because you could literally ask them to add anything to your pasta to create your own creation!! I had rigatoni with Pomodoro pasta and fresh mozzarella (pictured above). It was just the yummiest and last trip meal I had in Barcelona before leaving.

This was an incredible adventure! I honestly cannot help but smile because the trip did not go as planned, but I was able to find the beauty in it all.

¡Hasta la próxima, Barcelona! Don’t forget to read about my prior days in Florence and Roma.

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