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5 Top Things To Do And Eat On Your Next Trip To Rome



5 Top Things To Do And Eat On Your Next Trip To Rome

5 Top Things To Do And Eat On Your Next Trip To Rome

Rome! Or Roma as the locals call it is located in the center of ancient ruins and amazing history.

There are uneven pavements, graffiti on the buildings, a very much city feel but with mom and pop shops.

And there are so many roundabouts! They were one of the most nerve-racking things for me. There’s no lights or signs that tell you when to go or stop, it’s like the drivers have developed their own code. I couldn’t quite figure it out.

And I will say that we’re a little spoiled living in the US and waking up to find coffee shops and stores open everywhere but not in Rome.

They seem to march to the beat of their own drum.

Most places were open around 8am-ish, closed early afternoon and reopened later in the evening for dinner.

I survived by eating snacks in-between the afternoon break and dinner times.

One thing to take into account when traveling to any new country is their holidays and weather. Since we arrived in the middle of winter that meant that not too many restaurants would be open. That’s because many business owners in Italy shut down to go on vacation.

5 Monuments To See in Rome

We visited the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill.

We had the most amazing tour guide. He made it so much fun and interesting.

Plus being able to see the ruins upfront and close makes the experience so surreal.


Another place we stopped by was the Pantheon, an old temple that was turned into a church.

Last but not least was the Trevi Fountain, it was the most magnificent and magical monument by far. I’ve dreamed about visiting it for years, especially after watching the Lizzie McGuire movie.

Local Food Spots

In Rome, we found so many places to eat and explored so many areas but our favorite was the Trastevere area. There are tons of bars and restaurants. A few of the higher-end ones require reservations so if you’re looking to go to one make sure to call in advance.

I’d recommend you try these places if you’re in the Trastevere area:

  1. Ma Che Siete Venuti a Fà
  2. Bir & Fud

A few things I ate in Rome:

Potato Croquette with Cheese and Parsley Food-Potato-Croquette-Bir-and-Fud-Rome-ItalyAlmond Pudding with Dark ChocolateFood-Almond-Pudding-Dark-Chocolate-Bir-And-Fud-Rome-ItalyMaxi Sandwich which was made up of roast beef, arugula, pecorino cheese, and lime.Food-Maxi-Sandwich_Roastbeef-Salad-Pecorino-Cheese-Lime-Rome-Italy of course we had to enjoy a few drinks Drinks-Rome-Italy

Rome was one of my dream cities to visit and I hope you enjoyed reading about it.

Don’t forget to read about what I did in Florence and Barcelona.

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